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GMBA Takes Aim at Buenos Aires Photojournalist Beatrice Murch

My friendship with Beatrice Murch (and her husband Kragen/Javier) is one of my oldest ones here in Buenos Aires having met her nearly 4 years ago through an experimental group she helped host, known simply as the “Creativity Lab”.  It has been a rare and wonderful journey to watch her and her photography blossom  in the short span of time we have been friends.  At the same time, observing her loving relations with her family and friends and especially Kragen have served as an inspiration to myself and all who have had the opportunity to share her light and obvious talent. 

Having known Bea for a week or three, I am ashamed to admit that I have never actually read her bio from her website (that is until earlier today).  As with many artistic geniuses and innovators, her brief “About” page does her little justice, or at least to me having watched her work grow and expand over a period of nearly 4 years now.

I think what amazes me most is that through the camera lens she is able to take us through both the world at large (the macro) to the smallest micro detail such as a simple refraction of light coming from an ice cube, or an object made of glass.  And while her great eye for both the grand and the infinitesimal is worthy of the highest praise, I think my greatest sense of admiration for Beatrice is her sense of artistic integrity which she carefully wraps in a courageous approach to her art. 

I remember when she first started filling her Flickr account with photos from Buenos Aires it was important to her to load each and every photograph from a particular shoot regardless of whether she thought it was good or not.  See, like many great artists she values the process as well as the result.  As one who aspires to call himself a  photographer, I realized early on in the game that good photographs, like much in life, are a crap shoot – a numbers game – and I have always admired her ability to step out there and show us what “she’s got”!

You can go to her website and read for yourself the list of  many publications she has contributed to, and I can think of at least a handful that are not listed there.  However, at the same time – I would strongly encourage you to take a look around the site at her photographs and then hop over to her Flickr page and see the years of unabridged work she has posted there.  I assure you – you will be glad you did. 

I would also encourage you to share her website and Flickr with friends and loved ones! 

And one final suggestion, but sure to check out her photographs  from the New York Times this week (as a side note, one of her photos was on the front page).   I am betting that you will be glad you did and I am quite sure that Beatrice will appreciate you taking the time to view a piece of her world through the lens of her camera!

Thanks for being Beatrice so damn good!

Also, be sure to check out her blog (this “Paisley Chick” can write up a storm too!).

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