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Help us Sponsor a Family this Holiday Season (accepting donations until January 8)

As many or you know, last year I sponsored some needy children in Ciudad Oculta, a shanty town outside the city of Buenos Aires. La Ciudad Oculta, the hidden city, is also known as Villa 15. A labyrinth of makeshift homes, flooded alleyways and uneven ground, Ciudad Oculta is one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in the Greater Buenos Aires area, to include the capital city.

It is not a place to visit. It is not a place to stay. However, in many ways it is just as important as the trendy shops and restaurants of Palermo and the museums of Recoleta, for Ciudad Oculta provides an opportunity to learn about the other, hidden, side of Buenos Aires.



The slum itself is part of the Ciudad de la Luz (City of Light) neighborhood, but the residents adopted the name La Ciudad Oculta back in 1978 when Argentina hosted and won the 1978 Soccer World Cup. At the time, out of embarrassment, the government erected a wall around the neighborhood so visitors would not see the poverty-stricken conditions.

About the Children we are sponsoring this year

What these kids really need most is clothing. Families in the villa, just like the rest of BA, take pride in their appearance



and these kids like to look sharp. While toys and books are ALWAYS in need, hand-me-downs are a very special gift. Each of the parents is the youngest in their families and has many siblings so hand-me-downs fall apart before making it into their children’s closets.

Damian Anthuan – named after someone in the 50 Cent movie is a smart and active 2.5 year old who loves to tag along with his big sister and brother. He loves cartoon characters like Ben 10, Toy Story and el Zapo Pepe (Pepe the frog). He’s learning how to jump in his preschool class and is getting pretty good!

Kamila – this 5 year old (6 on Dec 31st!) takes after her mom and grandmother with her no-nonsense attitude. She loves everything to do with Disney Princesses and Barbie. She loves pink outfits and sports everything from frilly dresses to (fake) adidas sportswear. She can now count to 10 in English and is learning to add and subtract.



Nahuel - big brother and jokester extraordinaire, this kid loves to play jokes and help his mom around the house. He is super smart but goes to a school where there are lots of bullies and not-so-motivated teachers. He loves sportswear like Nike and Adidas but he’s not too picky.

They all love to go get their hair cut and play in parks with jungle gyms.

Their mom, Edith, is 29 and she works at a Children’s Cancer Hospital in Parque Centenario as a cleaning lady. A woman who gets no sleep and gives all she has to her children, “Edi” also has needs. She is an amazing single mom who always has a smile on her face even when dealing with life’s hardest moments.



They live in a very small dwelling that does have electricity and running water but is very dusty as the floors are not finished. The first floor is just the kitchen where they are lucky enough to have saved for a great refrigerator, an oven and a toaster oven. You reach the upper floor by way of a rickety rusted spiral staircase where you’ll find a bathroom, a little bedroom for Nahu and Kami with bunk beds and then the main room with a queen sized bed and a few other furnishings. The house really needs tiling or finishing on the floor and walls to eliminate the dust that irritates Kami and Damian’s asthma. Nahu and Kami could also use real pillows and new bed sheets.
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