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Argentina Wines – Vinos Rosados y Dulces (Rose wines and Desert Wines)

Argentina Dessert WinesToday, with the help of our friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog, we update our Argentina Wines articles with our top Vinos Rosados y Dulces (Rose wines and Dessert Wines).  In our last guide, we reviewed Argentina White Wines, Vinos Blancos and in our next guide we will tackle the best Argentina Champagne (Vino Espumantes) Wines.

Argentine rose wines have been ever increasing in popularity in recent years both at home and in the international wine market.  Certainly, more and more Rose wines are appearing on the shelves each year suggesting that both consumer demand and quality have been on the rise.

As you may have noticed from our previous articles on wine, we are great fans of Argentine wines.  We believe that Argentina wines will continue to amaze the new global wine market with both their high quality and low prices.

Our first guide today lists our favorite Rose wines in descending order of preference.   Price is relative; we think Argentine wines are great value for money.

$$$ Expensive Vino / $$ Moderately Expensive Vino / $ The Value Vino

We have found ourselves a little under fire for some of our comments, and here is another; we have never had a truly excellent Rose wine produced in Argentina – yet!  Although, we have had some very good wines, most have been a little too much like a fruit cup with no complexity or balance for our taste, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions ah? Having said that, we are promised some boutique wines, we are reliably informed will change our minds.

  • Malma Rose 2007,  Malbec y Cab Sav by NQN $
  • Rose de Atamisque 2007, Malbec by Atamisque $
  • Jean River Rose 2007, Malbec by River $
  • Familias Gascon Rose 2007, Malbec y Sangiovese by Escorihuela Gascon $
  • Alta Vista Rose 2007, Malbec by Alta Vista $
  • Tomero 2008, Malbec by Bodega Vistalba $
  • Lurton 2007, Bonarda by J&F Lurton $
  • Latitud 33 Rosado 2007, Pinot Noir by Chandon $

Argentina Rose WinesAt home, we have a sweet tooth and sweet (dessert) wines have always found their way to the table to complement our desert, cheese and my favorite, cheese cake.

Our next guide today lists our favorite sweet (dulce) wines in descending order of preference.   Price is relative; we think Argentine wines are great value for money.

$$$ Expensive Vino / $$ Moderately Expensive Vino / $ The Value Vino

The Luigi Bosca and Rutini wine have not always been at the top of my favorite lists, until we get the sweet (dulce) wines. There is just one sweet wine we recommend, it is a  stunner though, and as we list just one we will tell you why:

Luigi Bosca 2006 Gewurztraminer by Luigi Bosca we just love. A wonderful deep golden tone, great body, complex with floral and tropical fruits crush aromas and tastes with some spice.  You might laugh at this, we know the particular fruits and see them in our minds-eye, but when writing this we still cannot remember their names. We are amateurs, enthusiasts, who cares right?  Not, we sat there last night glass up nose for hours and that is the best we can do!! This wine also has something ‘natural’ and fresh about it with good acidity and a very satisfying finish that makes you want to neck the glass and wait for the drops! $$

Another, because I feel a little bad – Rutini vino dulce 2004 Corte by La Rural is another great wine, not nearly as good as the Luigi Bosca, that we rate highly and about 50% more expensive, but an excellent blend. $$$

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