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Argentina Wines Guide – Are Argentine Whites Wines Any Good?!

Argentina White WineToday, with the help of our friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog, we update our Argentina Wines articles with our top Argentine white wines, Vinos Blancos.  In our last guide, we reviewed Argentine red wines and our next guide will tackle Dulcies (desert wines) and Roses.

Argentine white wines typically have a poor reputation with both Argentine wine lovers and the international wine industry.  We have often heard people complain about the quality of Argentine white wines, but through our own experience and sampling, we will have to respectfully disagree.

In our opinion, Argentine white wines are much better now than they have been in the past.  We also fell that the strong local appetite for red wines has helped to create a misconception regarding white wines.  It seems a bit of a cliché to complain about white wines these days.

Argentina White WinesWine lovers should really take the time to discover Argentine white wines for themselves and hopefully this guide will provide a great starting point for you own exploration.

To begin, we would like to address the subject of native grapes of Argentina and in particular, Torrontes.

Basque settlers were probably the first people to introduce Argentina to the Torrontes grape and many people believe that it is a native Argentine grape.  According to a recent news article, genetic testing was conducted upon the Argentine Torrontes grape and it is a hybrid of Muscat of Alexandria and Criolla Chica.

The Argentine Torrontes grape is very different from ones produced elsewhere and the very best Torrontes grapes in Argentina come from the northern alto-climate of Salta and in particular Cafayate where intense daytime sunlight at a high altitude and cool humid nights and low rainfall create an intense and concentrate grape.

Argentinean White WinesThe wines produced in this environment are wonderfully dry with an intense nose of flowers and tropical fruits. In fact they have a mostly bone dry with a light to medium weight, with a good balance of acidity with a long lasting and satisfying finish.  A good Torrontes is crisp, fresh and acidic to battle Sauvignon Blanc, but slightly bigger with floral flavors reminiscent of Muscat wines. This wine is great for most foods and a dream on a hot summer’s day.  When serving snacks and not a meal, we choose this wine most often and it is always a crowd pleaser.

Our favorite Argentine white wines in order of preference (please note that you will not find some of these in supermarkets, should you wish to source fine Argentine wines just ask) alongside our wine rankings is a price guide. Price is relative; we think Argentine wines are great value for money.

$$$ Expensive Vino / $$ Moderately Expensive Vino / $ The Value Vino

  1. Angelica Zapata 2004 Chardonnay by Catena Zapata $$$
  2. Lindaflor 2007 Chardonnay by Monteviejo $$
  3. Alta Vista Premium 2007 Torrontes by Alta Vista $
  4. Pulenta Estate Chardonnay 2006 by Pulenta Estate $$
  5. Tomero 2007 Semillon Chardonnay by Bodega Vistalba $$
  6. Laborum 2007 Torrontes by El Provenir $
  7. Graffigna Centenario Reserva  2007 Pinot Grigio $
  8. Catalpa 2007 Chardonnay  by Atamisque $$
  9. Trapiche Origen 2006 Torrontes by Trapiche $
  10. Terrazas Reserva 2007 Chardonnay by Terrazas de los Andes $$
  11. Andeluna Roble 2005 Chardonnay by Andeluna Cellars $$
  12. Lagrima Canela 2006 Chardonnay Semillon by Bressia $$$  (very good, not the value wine)
  13. Los Cardos 2008 Sauvignon Blanc by Dona Plaula (first Sauvignon Blanc to make it to our top 15) $
  14. Alta Vista Classic 2007 Torrontes by Alta Vista $
  15. Vinitrera 2007 Pinot Grigio by Vinittera $

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