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Argentina wines – the best Red Wines!

Here at Good Morning BA, we experience a consistent flow of interest and inquiries regarding Argentina wines, Malbec wine in specific, Buenos Aires wine tastings and Argentina wine tours.

Fortunately, drinking fine wines is one of my favorite things to do, and along with our good friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog, we have created the following list for your convenience.  And remember to come back because in the next few days, we will be adding additional posts detailing:

Top 20 Argentina Red WinesOur very first Argentina wine list covers what we consider to be the top 20 red wines listed in the order of our own preference and the second list give you a list of the wines that give you the best bang for your buck!

Selecting the right wine can be a daunting task for the most informed lover of wine, but when new to a foreign country it can be overwhelming spending half your day staring “knowingly” at wine bottle labels – not really having a clue what wine, vineyard or year to choose.

Our goal is to provide our readers a quick guide to the very best wines available in Argentina and then to guide you to the very best wines for those of us on some sort of budget.

In return, we would like to ask you to mention your own favorites in our comments section for #1 I can rush out and grab a bottle or 3 for a test drive and #2 so I can add them to our list once I recover!

Many of the wines in the first list below cannot be found at grocery stores.  If you have any problem finding them feel free to drop us an email at or go to our contact  page for more information or for recommended wine shops.

Prices are obviously a relative matter and coming from the United States we think that Argentine red wines are an amazing value for your money.  So check out our list and feel free to leave your comments below.

$$$ Expensive Vino / $$ Moderately Vino / $ Value Vino

Good Morning Buenos Aires Best Vinos Tintos in Argentina

  1. Cheval des Andes, Corte 2002/2005, Terrazas Los Andes $$$
  2. Gran Corte, Corte 2004, Flechas des Los Andes $$$
  3. Iscay, Corte, 2002 Trapiche $$$
  4. Conjuro, Corte 2004, Bressia $$$
  5. Antoligia VIII, Corte 2000, La Rural $$
  6. Antoligia X, Malbec 2003, La Rural $$$
  7. Vistalba Corte A, Corte 2004/2005, Finca y Bogega Vistalba $$$
  8. Lindaflor, Malbec 2002/2004, Monteviejo $$$
  9. Arnaldo B Gran Reserva, Cab Sav/Malbec 2002/2004, Etchhart $$$
  10. La Celia, Cabernet Franc 2003, la Finca de Celia  Wines $$
  11. Luigi Bosca DOC, Malbec 2002, Luigi Bosco $$
  12. Dona Paula Selecion de Bodega 2003/2005, Dona Paula $$$
  13. Trapiche Gran Medalla, Malbec 2003, Trapiche $$
  14. Vina Victoria Colleto, Corte 2004, Trapiche
  15. Numina, Corte 2002, Salentein $$
  16. Alto, Corte 2005, Alta Vista $$$
  17. Mendel Unus , Corte 2004/2006 Mendel Wines $$$
  18. Perdriel Colección, Cab Sav 2002, Norton $$
  19. Pura Sangre, Cab Sav / Malbec 2002, Saint Diego $$
  20. Caro, Corte 2005, Caro $$$


Best “Bang for your Buck” red Argentine Wines

  1. Alta Vista Premium, Cab Sav 2006, Alta Vista $
  2. Pascaul Toso, Cab Sav 2004, Pascual Toso $
  3. Tomero, petit verdot 2006, Bodega Vistalba $
  4. Andeluna, Malbec 2003/2006, Andeluna Cellars $
  5. Alamos, Cab Sav 2005, Catena Zapata $
  6. Trapiche Colección Roble, Syrah 2004, Trapiche $
  7. Trapiche Colección Roble, Merlot 2005, Trapiche $
  8. Trumpeter Reserve, Corte 2004, La Rural$
  9. Alamos, Merlot 2005, Catena Zapata $
  10. La Celia, Cabernet Franc 2003/2004, Finca La Celia $$
  11. Luigi Bosca Reserva, Cab Sav 2005, Luigi Bosca $$
  12. Luigi Bosca DOC, Malbec 2002, Luigi Bosco $$
  13. Saint Felicien, Malbec 2004, Catena Zapata $$
  14. Perdriel Colección, Cab Sav 2002, Norton $$
  15. Mendel, Malbec 2006, Mendel $$

And be sure to check out and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog as it has some great information there about Buenos Aires wines, Buenos Aires Restaurants, Buenos Aires Tours and Sightseeing and Buenos Aires wine tastings.

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