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Buenos Aires Restaurant Guide: A Few Favorites

Our good friend Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog has graciously offered to give us some insight into the restaurant scene in Buenos Aires with the following article.  Don’t forget to check out his great Argentina Wine Guide.

There are many fantastic restaurants in Buenos Aires, but choosing Buenos Aires restaurants can be difficult and time consuming for tourists and residents alike.

Our Buenos Aires food guide lists our favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires.  The whole Buenos Aires Stay team contributed to our ‘yummies’ guide to some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires; thus ensuring that we recommend something for everyone.  The restaurants listed are not the  ‘same-ole’  get a second mortgage eateries, widely published as ‘Buenos Aires best restaurants’, our Buenos Aires good food guide is about our own personal experiences.

We grade our restaurant choices as ‘yummies’ for both simplicity and ease – a yum is good, a double yummy very good and a triple yummy excellent.

Almacén Secreto
Humboldt 1626
4867-2227 / 4864-2948 / 4864-2556

Earthy and rustic, magnificent old house, reservation only, difficult to get a table as it opens only a few days each week, so call or email them and book early. The ‘secret’ (I believe) is to turn typical Northern Argentine dishes (not my favourite) into food sensations. Gets the double yummy.

Charcas 4799

Great seafood restaurant, fresh wet fish and shellfish brought daily from the End of the World, Tierra del Fuego, one of a few places in Buenos Aires to eat fantastic fresh fish. Quality ingredients, interesting menu, dishes simply cooked and prepared with delicate salsas and flavoring not to over power the fish. Gets the double yummy.

Humboldt 1416

If I close my eyes, sip my Gin & Tonic and inhale the curry aromas, I almost drift off down London’s Brick lane. My homesick curry fix, OK public house, not bad curries. Gets a yum.

Bi Won
Junín 548

Not the best part of town, typically tacky, but the Korean food is fantastic and the helpings generous, well worth the trip. Gets a yum.

Guatemala 4882

The menus are fantastic! Very stylish, cool and relaxed. Top-notch, modern Argentine kitchen, Mediterranean and Asian flavors. Try their Malipal Clasico Malbec. Gets the triple Yummy.

Jorge L. Borges 1757

Elegant venue, great ambiance. The food has Argentine/Southern European flavor, can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes it’s very good… lacks consistency so gets just a yum.

China Garden
Riobamba 1156

Lanterns, tassels, evil looks as you enter, love it, ‘authentic’ Chinese food, two principal platters feeds four, great value and quality. Love the salt and pepper squid! Try their super charged hot sauce. They speak English and deliver. Gets a yum.

Av. Rivadavia 3402
4861 1629 / 4861 6670

Fish is the specialty of the house, the food is fantastic and of an Argentine Southern European flavor. Gets the double Yummy.

Don Alejo
Los Constituyentes 4002

A hidden gem. Worth the trip. Argentine-Italian food, with some authentic Italian dishes. Amazing empanadas. Just love it. Gets the double yummy.

El Desnivel
Defensa 855
4300 9081

Since they refurbished, lost its way a little, it was our favorite Sunday lunch spot (very busy) in San Telmo, the steak is fantastic and a great atmosphere. Hiked in price so just a yum.

El Trapiche
Paraguay 5099
4772 7343

A ‘local’ Parrilla, one of the best steaks in the city. Meat as good if not better than overpriced La Cabrera. Gets the double yummy.

San Martín 975

My favorite lunchtime Italian, simple, relaxed, modern Italian kitchen, good ambiance, love it.  Service is great.  The pizza is the best in BA. Gets the double yummy.

El Salvador 5802

My staff (young) love this place and although not a lover of pizza it gets my vote for good pizza and value a definite yum.

Green Bamboo
Costa Rica 5802

The best Vietnamese food in Buenos Aires, ask for extra spice as you like. A young, trendy crowd, older folk might find it too hip and too noisy me thinks. Gets a yum because I often eat too quickly to leave.

Avda Corrientes 1368
4371 8141

Busy, busy, my team loves this place, you can create your own pizza, I find it a bit of a conveyor belt, the service can be chaotic, order drinks as you sit, but it gets a yum none the less.

Il Matterello
Martín Rodríguez 517

When you visit La Boca, this is the Argentine Italian restaurant not to miss. The pasta is excellent, I am/was (mood) lukewarm to pasta until eating here and at La Olla de Felix . Good value too and gets the double yummy.

Jose Luis
Quintana 456

The best fish in the city. All our favorites, all the fish classics, even our Ozzy mates loved it (it got the cooking on the Barbi three thumbs up), cooked in a Southern Mediterranean style, good portions, pricey and worth every penny. Gets the triple yummy. No good fish restaurants in Buenos Aires? Who you kidding.

La Comarca
Juramento 2492
Ice cream perfection. Yum, Yum, Yum!

La Olla de Felix
Juncal 1693

Our regular, cosy petit bistro, French food with an Argentine flavor, intimate, limited menu 5 or 6 principal platters, sometimes a starter. A real local joint with Buenos Aires dearest chef/host, the lovely Felix. Good value and gets the double yummy.

La Porteña
Fondo de la Legua 280

Whenever we travel to the northern suburbs we try and finish here for supper. A super Argentine eating experience. Good meat, varied menu, something for everyone. Gets a yum.

Guido and Junin

Another favorite, we would describe as eclectic with French undertones. For consistency and quality it would get a triple Yummy, constant price hikes annoy us so it gets the just the double yummy.

Paraguay 436

Our favorite Indian, authentic (I say this as a Brit, so authentic to me) food, high quality, a bit pricey, but good portions gets the double yummy.

Munich Recoleta
Roberto M. Ortiz 187
4804 3981

Been eating at Munich for many years (younger people hate it), never changes, always been a good quality Argentine kitchen, a little stuffy at times. Gets just a yummy as both the fish and the meat is just OK recently, having said that, the meat generally in Buenos Aires is taking a tumble. Quick tip, buy your meat at Coto the supermarket or our butcher on Rodriguez Pena (email us for shopping tips).‘

Soler 5608

The food has many eastern influences and includes all your typical Japanese fayre, we like this place very much and it gets a double yummy.

Plaza Asturias
Av. de Mayo 1199

An institution, classy, classically Spanish, consistently good fish and seafood. We think the paella is the best in the city. Gets a double yummy.

Mexico 1501

Belgrano? Get there! The food is just fantastic. Cannot really put our finger on the origins of all the food flavours, but it is modern and inventive eats of the highest quality. We only make it north occasionally, and, it is very expensive for Buenos Aires, but go for it you are on vacation and it gets the triple yummy.

Thames 1101
4772 4911

We often miss a kebab fater a few pints.  The best Middle Eastern restaurant in the city. Double yummy.

Social Paraíso
Honduras 5182

Good quality Argentine kitchen, the food cooked simply and well. Double Yummy.

Anchorena 533

It is a fish market of great quality. It is a takeaway full of goodies. It also has a small restaurant and we eat there regularly, take out all the time, and the food is absolutely smashing. Fish, fish, fish, Peruvian menu in the restaurant, cooked to perfection and this is another triple yummy.

Un Altra Volta
Avenida Santa Fe 1826

Best ice cream in Recoleta. Yum Yum.

Beauchef 1204

Argentine fusion food, flavors too many and too difficult to call, often stumped to place the wonderful tastes or try to find common label for the great dishes. Limited menu, but we always love it all! This gets the triple yummy.

Pasco 740

Good quality Japanese food, gets our vote as one of the best and easily gets a double yummy.  The food has improved as of December 2009, but for the first time we felt the area is getting a little dangerous at night. Also, I forgot tom mention that there is no sign outside and you have to ring to get in.  This is the best value Japanese in the city in my opinion (quality versus price) and I update my review and give the triple yummy for its great consistency.

We have given you a great selection of Buenos Aires restaurants at locations throughout the city, there is definitely something for everyone and by and large we have not chosen Buenos Aires’ most expensive places to eat although some are a little pricey.

Our Buenos Aires restaurant food guide lists our favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires.  The Buenos Aires Stay team all contributed to our Buenos Aires ‘yummies’ guide to some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The restaurants listed are not the ‘same-ole’  get a second mortgage eateries generally listed on most other websites as ‘the best Buenos Aires Restaurants’, our Buenos Aires good food guide is about our own personal experiences.

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