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The Challenge to the Election of Officers for Democrats Abroad Argentina is Formally Dismissed with Prejudice by the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA

Samuel Wynn Warde National Chairman Democrats Abroad ArgentinaAs many of you are already aware, a challenge to the election of officers for Democrats Abroad Argentina was filed by Michael “Yanqui Mike” Skowronek, Alicia Blumencweig, et al.

We are pleased to announce that the complaint was dismissed with prejudice after an electronic vote was held before the full Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA).

This electronic vote conducted on July 22, 2011 to July 23, 2011, in reference to the DA-Argentina Election Dispute, passed. For those interested, the breakdown of the vote on whether to support the Hearing Officers Report that dismisses the DA Argentina complaint with prejudice was:

  • 41 Yes
  • 2 No
  • 4 Abstain

Furthermore, 38 of 50 =76% County Committees cast their vote.  The regional response rate was:

  • Asia Pacific = 67%
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) = 76%
  • The Americas = 90%

In casting their vote, members of the DPCA were voting yes to agree to the following:

Resolution in Reference to the DA-Argentina Election Dispute

WHEREAS in conformance with the requirements of the Rules of Procedure of the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (“Rules”), Section I.H., after having received the Hearing Officer Report on the DA Argentina Election Dispute (“Hearing Officer Report”), the Democratic Party Committee Abroad Executive Committee (“DPCA ExCom”) scheduled oral arguments to be made on Friday, July 1st, 2011, by the parties of the DA Argentina elections dispute during a meeting of the DPCA ExCom held via teleconference.

WHEREAS Rules Section I.H.2 allows for each party in a dispute to have up to 15 minutes apiece to make final oral arguments either speaking for themselves or represented by counsel, both sides confirmed to the DPCA ExCom that they would represent themselves. Michael Skowronek, the challenger, presented his oral arguments first. The challenged officer, Samuel Warde, waived his oral-argument period, stating that he would rest on the determination of the Hearing Officer.

WHEREAS Rules Section I.H.3 allows for up to 30 minutes of DPCA ExCom discussion and questions to be asked by the ExCom addressed to the parties, the DPCA ExCom did conduct extensive questioning of the respective parties with regards to the chronology of events and procedures pertaining to the DA Argentina election, quorum matters, etc.

WHEREAS the DPCA ExCom, having conducted its oral arguments voted 5-0 to adopt the Hearing Officer Report which recommends to dismiss the complaint with prejudice, and

THEREFORE now be it resolved that in line with its obligations under Rules Section I.H.4, the DPCA ExCom will present this matter to the DPCA for an electronic vote to take place prior to the end of July 2011.

It is further resolved that the DPCA ExCom will maintain the current requirement that Democrats Abroad communications lists and mechanisms shall not be used by any of the involved parties for making arguments outside the procedures as set out in the Rules.

I support the Hearing Officers Report that dismisses the DA Argentina complaint with prejudice.

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