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Buenos Aires City Guide By Barrio: Colegiales Guide

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 Colegiales is located in the north-central part of Buenos Aires and is next to Palermo and Belgrano.  It lies between Av. Cabildo and Av. Alvarez Thomas on the north and south and Av. De Los Incas and Av. Dorrego on the east and west.

Colegiales is well-known as it is the setting place for one of Argentina’s most popular comic books, Mafalda, written by the humorist Quino.  There is a park in Colegiales named after the comic.


Lying just west of Palermo across Av. Dorrego, Colegiales  was originally owned by  Jesuits who founded small farms (charcas) there until 1767 at which time the land became expropriated by the Crown.  The area was then turned into a summer retreat for students and academics and became known as Chacarita de los Colegiales, thus giving the area its name.

Around the turn of the century immigrants began moving into the area in vast numbers and the barrio was subsequently split into Colegiales to the north and Chacarita to the south.

Colegiales Today

Today, Colegiales remains primarily a residential neighborhood although several upscale clubs and restaurants have begun finding their way into the barrio due, in part, to its proximity to the trendy neighborhood ofPalermo.

In 1920 the Minetti y Cia Ltd. Industrial and Commercial Society began construction of a windmill on Av. Dorrego and in 1928 massive silos were added to the development.  Recently, those large cylinders were remodeled into elegant and modern loft apartments and have become wildly popular with the local “yuppies”.

Colegiales also has a rich religious heritage being home to the Holiest Corpus Christi Monastery (Amenabar 450) which has served as a home to the Order of Barefoot Carmelites for centuries.  Additionally, the Church of St. Paul the Apostle (Av. Alvarez Thomas 795) and the Parish of Our Lord of the Miracle of Salta (Moldes 1157) continue to draw large crowds today.

Local Attractions

The neighborhood’s favorite social venue is probably the Colegiales Athletic and Social Club, located Teodoro Garcia 2860.  The club was made famous in past decades for being home to frequent tango recitals by Roberto “Polaco” Goyeneche.

Colegiales is also home to many cafes which are often not unlike pool halls and are frequented by night owls and “ne’er do wells”.  The best know of these is the Argos Café at Federico Lacroze and Alvarez Thomas and still boasts its period décor and pool tables.

Colegiales is one of the greenest areas of Buenos Aires being home to many parks such as Colegiales Plaza, Juan Jose Paso Plaza, Portugal Plaza, San Miguel de Garicoits Plaza and Malfalda Plaza known for its art which was donated by renowned local cartoonist Joaquin  “Quino” Lavado.

The Pasaje General Paz (an alleyway only for pedestrians) attracts visitors with its many pathways and bridges, mature trees and ornate balconied Andalusian style patio.

olegiales is also home to a Lions Club on Teodora Garcia 2964 and a Rotary Club on Arribenos and Jose Hernandez streets.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Colegiales has a select number of options for restaurants and nightlife that you can enjoy.  Here are a few to get you started:

Pipi-Cucu (Ciudad de la Paz 557) Pipi-Cucu, which means “flawless”, serves French influenced cuisine in a quirky setting that attracts sophisticated hipsters.

The Roxy Club (Federico Lacroze 3455, one of the most renowned clubs in Buenos Aires known for hosting some of the cities greatest parties.  During the week it offers a stage where local and international acts perform.  There is an additional room that plays commercial tunes well into the night. Late night on weekends the mood shifts more into hard core techno.

Misc. Fact(s)

The 21st of September is the day of Colegiales.

Pros and Cons

If you plan to stay in Colegiales, one of its strongest points is its affordability.

On the down side, it is a ways from the “hotter” parts of town.

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