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California Gringa Organizes Movement of Peace Across Latin America…and Beyond

Awakened Life by Jeannie PageHaving had a successful .com management career, it came as a complete surprise to Jeannie Page when she unexpectedly lost her job in January of 2011. A bit flustered by the blow to her ego, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and threw herself back into the job search. However, as soon as she did so, she realized she was searching in the wrong direction. She realized it was time for a change, a radical shift.

You see somehow, as if magically, in the previous months Jeannie had felt the inspiration to write, and write she did. She began blogging, both on her own blog, and on a San Francisco Bay area yoga blog, and as she did so she began to feel at home in her own skin. She was writing stories from the heart, stories of hurt and healing, of betrayal and triumph, and as she did so she began to receive dozens of emails, from every corner of the planet from people who were living through similar experiences and difficult times, and who were somehow finding peace, healing and inspiration in her words.

Moved by the response she was getting, Jeannie continued to write. She began working on her first book, to be called 365 Ways to Raise Your Vibration, which was 100% inspired by an exercise that Jeannie was doing for herself on a daily basis. During a dark time, she had committed to herself that for every day for a year she would find something good in her day, something that raised her energetic vibration and brought her even a sliver of joy… and she would find this piece of GOOD, no matter how hard she had to search.

As Jeannie began posting these daily positive “vibrations” on her own personal Facebook page, something unexpected happened. One friend after the next kept asking her from what book she was pulling these quotes, and when she told them that it was not from a book, that it was her own, they began telling her that she should publish into a book. And so she is.

But what happened next, was the most surprising turn of events. A California-based Gringa who had majored in Spanish, lived in Spain, once organized student tours to Spain and Latin America, and who has always had a love and affinity for Latin culture, Jeannie began to write and blog in Spanish and to correspond to her English fan page, she launched a Spanish version. In doing so, Jeannie has unwittingly organized a movement of peace, love and positivity, across the Latin American continent.

You see, Jeannie only launched the Spanish version of her Facebook fan page on May 28, 2011. Within only 2 weeks, she had over 6,000 fans, communicating from every corner of Latin America and Spain, bridging a cultural gap and uniting people from all over the Latin world.  Now with over 11,000 fans on her Spanish page, and over 10,000 on her English page, these 22,000+ people have not come merely to be fans of her writing. They have come to be part of a movement, an accidental movement, a movement of peace, love and positivity.

Ms. Page’s intention is to help people to focus on the positive, to raise their vibrations and to bring more joy and happiness into their lives. And by helping one single person, and collectively the more than 22,000 people that are now part of this peaceful movement, she hopes to be a force for good in the world.

Ms. Page invites you too to join this movement, to focus on the positive in everyday, and to be part of a collective energy that hopes to bring forth good in the world. Please visit her Facebook fan page and join the movement:  (English page) (Spanish page)


Jeannie Page is a reformed .com management professional who is making a shift in her life, a shift to follow her bliss, to get into alignment and to be a force for good in the world. Jeannie is blogging at The Awakened Life and is a regular contributor to Elephant Journal.

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