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See the Steam at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival 2012

Buenos Aires Tango Festival & Dance World Cup 2012The Buenos Aires Tango Festival is the world’s biggest celebration of this intriguing art form. Over 400,000 people will attend and compete in this 2 week competition.  The global growth and influence of Tango has been so great that in December 2009 it was declared the Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad (Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity) by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.  Whether you are a dancer or simply a lover of tango, come to Buenos Aires and be a part of this spectacular event.

Thousands of dance couples will join in on this highly competitive and terrifically fun competition. They will all compete for the prestigious Dance World Cup title and trophy. The passion of this steamy dance is interpreted by several thousand choreographers, musicians and world class dancers who all share a love for this Argentinean tradition.

Not only is the festival aimed at giving a world title to the best tango dancers, the entire county of Argentina is made proud. The secondary goal of this festival and competition is to preserve the historical dignity of the dance as well as tango music. Sponsors have come from wide varieties, including major food distributors, abogado practices and primarily the city of Buenos Aires.  Dancers are judged on originality, creativity and how they honor the traditions of tango and Argentinean flair.

The Buenos Aires Tango festival is truly a celebration of Argentine culture and traditions. With close to half a million people coming to Argentina from all over the world, the entire city of Buenos Aires gets set to open her arms to every visitor.

Over the years, many street festivals have taken up residence along the business districts surrounding the dance festival. Local vendors sell souvenirs, tasty cuisine and can hear authentic tango music played live in the streets. People can also take a break from the festival and stroll down the quiet and charming residential streets. Take in the beauty of the brightly colored houses, shops and restaurants as the wonderful aroma of authentic Argentinean cooking lingers in the air.

Gustovo Mozzi, Artistic Director of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, is a highly celebrated musician, composer and teacher. Hailing from many of the most famous festivals in the world, such as Carnival in Venice, La Salle Pleyel in Paris and the De Doelen in Rotterdam, Mozzi brings his world class festival insight to his home country of Argentina. His music has been described as European techno and urban Folklore.

The working class section of Buenos Aires is the birthplace of this highly stylized dance. The influences are thought to be African, European and Cuban since it was these ethnicities that first seemed to pick up the dance. The name is thought to be from the African Congo while the beats and classic steps can be traced to Europe, Cuba and Africa.

The exact dates for the Buenos Aires Tango Festival 2012 are August 14th thru 28th and registration can be completed here.

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