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Buenos Aires polo tuition stick & ball practice and chukkas are not all created equal!

Buenos Aires PoloIf you already play polo in Buenos Aires, you will know this.  Good Morning Buenos Aires along with our good friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog, are pleased to be able to present the following article on Argentine polo for your convenience & information.

The Giannico family is a working polo family based at Santa Maria de Lobos Polo Ranch. The most beautiful polo club in Buenos Aires; the scenery is incredible, the club has the Culu Culu lagoon and nature reserve as its natural boundary.  Santa Maria de Lobos Polo Ranch is hands down, the Aston Martin of polo in Argentina.

Polo is hard graft and to play polo professionally, teach polo and breed the highest quality polo ponies is a 24/7 vocation.

If you are new to polo or a tourist who aspires to play polo while visiting Buenos Aires, ask yourself, do you want to ‘test drive a Ford Motor Car or an Aston Martin’?

We are serious. It is very important that experienced polo players and new enthusiasts alike, can compete with the best and find polo tuition from professional polo players who provide quality polo ponies and safe equipment.

Polo is not a cheap sport, but polo is more reasonably priced in Argentina, as opposed to the United States of America, Great Britain, or elsewhere in Europe.

Buenos Aires Polo Argentina PoloCheaper polo and so-called polo tours in Buenos Aires, are all too often about mediocre local club players, poor quality polo nags, poor equipment and worse tuition and fees, which fall too short of assuring both your safety and enjoyment.

Like the tango, Buenos Aires is the home of professional polo playing, but it’s actually quite difficult to find high quality stick and ball practice and chukkas with three to five goal professionals and high quality polo ponies.  So please, when considering polo, take your time and conduct your research or you may be wasting your money.

Believe us when we say, it’s even more difficult is to find reliable and well organized polo people in a first class club that delivers the highest quality service at a fixed price.

If you are new to polo in Buenos Aires – you need quality polo school / clinic or tuition; you need high quality and safe equipment; you need quality polo ponies; and, you need an experienced well-run polo club with excellent polo fields and facilities – you should start out your Buenos Aires polo experience with the best of the best.

You may find that some clubs or polo schools / clinics charge for each of the components mentioned above, so make sure that you ask for the final price for accommodation and polo, so you can compare apples with apples.

We have found that there are always extras to pay at most clubs, it’s bloody annoying and dare we say it, our experience in Argentina has taught us that there is always someone trying to chisel a few extra bucks.

The Giannico family (in our modest opinion) gets it 99% right where most clubs get it quite wrong.

Alfonso Giannico and his family make getting right their business and your days spent on the greens will seem almost effortless and well organized – polo with Alfonso and his boys is a lot of fun.

Argentina polo buenos airesWhy is polo with the Giannico family different? 

We believe the Giannico family have strong values and their merging of two cultures – United States (formidable polo mum) Cindy Giannico meets Argentina (formidable professional polo playing dad) Alfonso Giannico and their two sons Sterling (18) and Remington (20), who both play a mean three goal game of polo – has given them the edge, the boys are about hard work ethic and mum, well she looks after everyone and her eye for detail and American consciousness for service gives them a well-earned edge over the competition.   Two generations of polo players in one family team with mum always on the sideline looking after everyone means that young or old, you will find camaraderie, learn great polo from some of the best and everyone tends to fit into their group somewhere.

The Giannico’s are truly happy playing polo on the international circuit or teaching new enthusiasts who might never have even sat on a horse, let alone a polo pony!

Meet an atypical polo family in Buenos Aires!

Alfonso Rubén Giannico

Alfonso Giannico is a former five-goal professional polo player and present day instructor/consultant with 30 years of experience within the sport. Alfonso Giannico has worked amongst some of the most successful of his time particularly past time ten-goaler Daniel Gonzalez, and 1993 US Open Polo Patron: Ambassador Glen Holden.

His current Polo operation is located in Santa María de Lobos, South Buenos Aires most exclusive polo ranch located only 100km from the city of Buenos Aires where he teaches clinics and private lessons. Alfonso also shares a passion for the equine side of the sport and this year has started an embryonic breeding program. When it comes to instructing and consulting for polo, Alfonso is a natural thanks to his enormous amount of patience, precision and instinctive experience with horses. His advice is simply a premium.

Cynthia Giannico

Cynthia, Alfonso’s wife is a loving polo mother who has been on the sideline since the day they met. She is the mother of two successful polo players: Remington & Sterling who are both currently rated at three goals. She is the ideal mother to have at the side of your children’s games while one is out doing other things. Cynthia makes sure they’ve been fed lunch, have the appropriate safety gear on, and in case of any emergencies to have someone to rely on. In addition, she also understands that being the other half of a relationship with a polo player can be a little lonely at times – Cynthia entertains non-polo-playing guests with lunch, shopping trips, tours of Buenos Aires city and of course, there’s always time to stop for a nice glass of white wine.

Sterling Giannico

Sterling has been naturally inclined to polo since he was a toddler and has traveled all over the world thanks playing tournaments throughout his formative years. Currently rated at three goals when it comes to the most prestigious youth tournaments in Argentina, he’s won them all; he has played in Palermo, or in the official Association Polo Club. He’s played in Europe and some of the most exotic countries as Dubai. Thrilling, speed driven games are just a practice for young Sterling and he is a great mix for teaching youth polo.

Remington Giannico

His first time on a polo pony was thanks to his father taking him on his first ride at two weeks of age. Polo has surrounded Remington his whole life. And thanks to this luxurious sport, Remington has so far been able to achieve a three-goal polo handicap and also had the chance to play in some of the most prestigious playing grounds in Argentina such as Palermo at side his dad’s side. Before moving full time to Argentina, Remington has represented the USA in youth tournaments in United Kingdom, such as Hurtwood, South Dourset, Frampton, and Tonton.

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