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Good Morning Buenos Aires News & Headlines Presents: Learning Spanish In Argentina

Buenos Aires News Presents an article by Expanish

Argentine Spanish Thousands of foreigners a year land at Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza airport without being able to speak a word, most aim to get by with a few words and a phrase book to hand. Some however arrive with the aim of putting in that little bit more effort, trying to speak like a local […]

Argentine Wines: Malbec Wine Guide

Argentine Wine Guide Malbec by Good Morning Buenos Aires News Headlines

Here at Good Morning Buenos Aires News & Headlines, we experience a consistent flow of interest and inquiries regarding Argentina wines and Malbec wine in specific. Fortunately, drinking fine wines is one of my favorite things to do, and along with our good friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing […]

Finding Work in Buenos Aires


Acquiring a job here in Buenos Aires can be quite challenging, regardless of profession or experience. For example, unemployment in Europe is typically ranked at around 7% this year, but in Argentina the latest figures I could find rank it close to 9%. However, I think that figure is a bit misleading. For instance the […]

Argentina wines – the best Red Wines!


Here at Good Morning BA, we experience a consistent flow of interest and inquiries regarding Argentina wines, Malbec wine in specific, Buenos Aires wine tastings and Argentina wine tours. Fortunately, drinking fine wines is one of my favorite things to do, and along with our good friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours […]

The Best Pizza in Town

The Best Buenos Aire Pizza

Buenos Aires is full of pizzeries and restaurants serving pizza.  Pizza is a booming business in Buenos and a favorite for Portenos, tourists and the international community.  Since a large percentage of Portenos have recent Italian heritage and there are hundreds of Italian style restaurants in Buenos Aires, it is hardly surprising the Buenos Aires […]

Buenos Aires Farmers Market Directory: By Neighborhood

Farmer's Markets

Farmers Markets Here is a fairly comprehensive list I obtained from a local friend recently.  (Thanks Victoria!)  I cannot vouch for all of these being open still, but maybe it is a good place for you to begin with finding a market close to you. The first one here is a huge one, worthy of […]

Where to buy Organic Products in Buenos Aires

Where to buy Organic products

ORGANIC FARMER MARKETS Chacarita Market Wed. 9am to 1pm Sat. 9am to 6pm Federico Lacroze 4171 San Fernando Organic Market Sat. 10am to 6pm San Fernando Station – between Sarmiento and 9 de Julio Outside Cap. Fed. in San Fernando (Still in the metro area)   HOME DELIVERY Alimentaria Rosco S.A. Alimentos ecológicos 011- […]

14 Steps to Big Savings in the Grocery Store!


The recession is in full swing and those of us in Buenos Aires are painfully aware of what runaway inflation feels like.  With that in mind, I thought I would offer to share a few methods I have found really helpful in saving me money.  I don’t know about you, but groceries have become my […]

THE DIRTY WAR part 1: The USA, Operation Condor & Argentina’s Dirty War

Kissinger y Guzzetti

Background After the death of President Juan Peron in 1974 Isabel Peron, his wife and vice president assumed power as president of Argentina.  However, she proved to be weak politically and on 24 March 1976 she was overthrown by a military coup d’état which resulted in a seven year campaign of state sponsored violence against […]

Help us Sponsor a Family this Holiday Season (accepting donations until January 8)


As many or you know, last year I sponsored some needy children in Ciudad Oculta, a shanty town outside the city of Buenos Aires. La Ciudad Oculta, the hidden city, is also known as Villa 15. A labyrinth of makeshift homes, flooded alleyways and uneven ground, Ciudad Oculta is one of the poorest and most […]

Argentinian legislator punches colleague during budget argument


Maybe it is merely another sign of the tough economic times we are living in, but yesterday the budget debate in Argentina took a turn for the worse when dissident Peronist Graciela Camano smacked Kirchnerite lawmaker Carlos Kunkel in the mouth.   When asked about the incident afterwards, she accused him of making derogatory remarks about […]

Spring has Sprung


Passiflora caerulea, commonly known as the Blue Passion Flower or the Common Passion Flower, is a vine native to South America (Argentina, Paraguay (where it is widely known as the Mburucuyá in Guaraní) , Uruguay and Brazil).  It is popular with gardeners because of its intricate, scented flowers that have an almost plastic-looking appearance. The […]

Political Economies: Explained Using Cows


United States: You have two cows. The government pays you subsidies not to milk your cows. Imports of dairy products from South America increase. China: You have two cows. The government takes both cows and shoots you. Iraq: You have two cows. They end up in Guantanamo Bay, but receive excellent medical care. India: You […]

Safety Tips – Motochorros


This section is provided by the Regional Security Office (RSO) of the American Embassy in Buenos Aires. website The Federal Police indicate that approximately 50 percent of reported “Smash/Snatch and Grab” type robberies that occur in Buenos Aires are perpetrated by criminals on motorcycles or commonly referred to as “Motochorros.” To counter the surge in […]

Plight of the Argentine Indigenous


  Santa Fe, Argentina Toba A while back, I had the opportunity to work with the Pay it Forward Project (PIFP) a non-profit organization that was established in August of 2006 by an Argentine living outside Washington D.C. to assist in rebuilding the lives, self worth, and spirit of individuals living in developing nations. The […]

Buying Rental Property in BsAs


With its Old World European charm, Buenos Aires is one of those places that people just love. People continue to come here in increasing numbers every year and many return to invest in property. The city, known as the Queen of the Plata (River) and the Paris of the South, is well known as one […]

Che Guevara: Hero or Sh*thead?


I have found the whole Che Guevara as a hero and freedom fighter phenomenon to be somewhat disconcerting. I can understand superficially why one might come to think of him worthy of being idolized. However, it only takes about five minutes of reading about his life to see that the man and the myth are […]

Apartment Rental Problems???

Belgrano Apartments Buenos Aires Stay Luxury

Have you rented a short-term apartment here in Buenos Aires through a real estate company (inmobiliaria)? If so you do have some limited legal protections. However if you have rented a place via a contract between yourself and the landlord only, there really are not many regulations on such a transaction. If in fact your […]

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