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2 Great South American Beverage Recipes: Peruvian Chicha Morada and Jugo de Maracuya (Passion Fruit Juice)

Peruvian Chicha Morada recipe

I was talking with a friend the other day about how my tastes for many things have changed since coming to Buenos Aires back in late 2006.  Certainly, many of my North American friends would be amazed to try some of my new culinary favorites. In that spirit, I wanted to introduce you to my […]

Chili Colorado Sauce Recipe: Traditional Cuisine and/or Raw Vegan

Chili Colorado Sauce Recipe

Note:  the original recipe is for raw vegan and raw vegetarian cuisine, but you can use it exactly as you would any other Chili Colorado Sauce. Chili Colorado Sauce Ingredients: 4 dried chilies, stemmed and seeded ¼ cup water 2 red bell peppers, seeded and chopped 1 tablespoon honey or sugar 2 teaspoons onion powder […]

Good Morning Buenos Aires first recipient of the InterNations Recommended Blog award as a Top Expat Blog Argentina

InterNations Cocktail Party

Good Morning Buenos Aires was recently recognized by InterNations as a Top Expat Blog in Argentina and the very first InterNations Recommended Blog in Argentina.  InterNations had the following to say in regards to the awarding of this honor: Expat life in general is, of course, a perfect breeding ground for great, user-generated reads, and […]

Buenos Aires – Inception Park

Buenos Aires Inception Park video

Buenos Aires – Inception Park from Black Sheep Films on Vimeo.

Estancia Escapes Buenos Aires Polo Clubs & More

Puesto Viejo Estancia & Polo Club

Temperatures reached a tear inducing 88 degrees last week. While many expats may have left their countries in search of sunshine, the sauna style subway rides were unlikely to have been part of that dream. Summertime in Buenos Aires can be dealt with in a variety of ways: Leave: skiing inEuropehas never seemed more appealing […]

InterNations Interview of Samuel Wynn Warde, Editor in Chief & Founder of Good Morning Buenos Aires News & Headlines

Samuel W. Warde Editor in Chief Good Morning BA

A seasoned expert on expat life in general and also this very site [ ]in particular, Samuel has shown exemplary commitment to helping the international expat community in Buenos Aires for many years now. Having started out as a forum and information site, Good Morning Buenos Aires has transformed into the biggest English online newspaper […]

Buenos Aires polo tuition stick & ball practice and chukkas are not all created equal!

Polo Classes Buenos Aires

If you already play polo in Buenos Aires, you will know this.  Good Morning Buenos Aires along with our good friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog, are pleased to be able to present the following article on Argentine polo for your convenience & information. The Giannico family is a working polo […]

GrinGo Standup Comedy Buenos Aires Every Tuesday

GrinGo Standup Comedy Buenos Aires

GrinGo Standup Comedy Tuesdays, 9PM Café Rivas 302 Estados Unidos GrinGo Standup is Buenos Aires’ only English language standup comedy show.  Started in October of 2011, in less than eight months, it’s already caught the attention of BBC Travel, Time Out, Matador Network, Pagina 12, La Nacion, and The Argentina Independent.  Every Tuesday at 9PM, […]

“Primordial Knowledge of Dzogchen: Theory and Practice” A Special Seminar beginning June 2nd

Comunidad Dzogchen Buenos Aires

A Special Seminar with Dr. Jim Valby, PhD In English with a Spanish translator June 2 to June 6 at the Foro de las CIencias y las Artes (The Arts & Sciences Forum)   The teaching of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, is considered the culmination of all Tibetan schools and the high road and immediate […]

Review: Milino Buenos Aires Apartment Hotel located in Villa Crespo


To kick off our new Good Morning Buenos Aires Reviews section, we would like to begin with a favorite – Milino Buenos Aires Apartment Hotel. Milino Buenos Aires Apartment Hotel 5 Stars for having one of the best rates and location in town! Located in quiet Villa Crespo and a mere 2 1/2 blocks from […]

Website Design, WordPress Design, SEO & Online Reputation Management Specials


WynnWoods Solutions along with Advanced Marketing Solutions are offering special rates the week of April 30th to May 4th to viewers of Good Morning Buenos Aires.  They are offer special rates on website design, custom WordPress blog setup and design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Reputation Management services. 3-6 page websites using one of […]

Casa del Sol, Casa de Tango is Now Hiring Part Time

Casa del Sol in Recoleta now hiring

Are you looking to live cheaply in Buenos Aires while having a flexible part-time job? If so, here is your opportunity! Lovely tango house in very convenient location is looking to hire a lovely live-in part time housekeeper. Contact …… for details! Located in the heart of Recoleta, “Casa del Sol” is a historic building […]

Navigating the Infertility Maze Abroad

Lotus Blossom Consulting

By Mindy Berkson, Lotus Blossom Consulting According to the World Health Organization, there are close to 80 million infertile couples in the world and 1.5 million in Argentina alone. Delayed childbearing is the number one cause of infertility as more and more people put families on hold for their careers, until they find the right […]

Real Estate Property in Agentina is it a safe investment?

buenos aires real estate guide argentina

Real Estate is a favorite subject among many Buenos Aires Expatriates and along with our good friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog, we are able to present the following article about where to invest in Argentina real estate for your convenience. Recently, many real estate investors are looking […]

See the Steam at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival 2012

Buenos Aires Tango Festival & Dance World Cup 2012

The Buenos Aires Tango Festival is the world’s biggest celebration of this intriguing art form. Over 400,000 people will attend and compete in this 2 week competition.  The global growth and influence of Tango has been so great that in December 2009 it was declared the Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad (Intangible Cultural Heritage […]

Photos from the “Avantgarb{age}, The Art in Wearing Trash” by Caitlin Margaret Kelly are being offered for sale


After a successful show at ICANA in April 2011 the Avantgarb{age} photographs are being offered for sale. The photographs chosen for the show were printed 1m by 65cm and beautifully framed in a natural wood frame. The photographs represent the creative photography of Caitlin Margaret Kelly as she brings out the uniqueness in the designs […]

Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires: Define your Objectives First

Online Spanish Lessons Guides Buenos Aires Castellano

Are you visiting Argentina as a tourist or living here as an expat and want to learn Spanish? The very first thing you should do is really define why you want to do so. By understanding your objectives first, you will be in the position to choose the appropriate course of study and avoid pitfalls. […]

Experience the Thrill of the Tigre Delta, an Amazing Destination merely minutes from Downtown Buenos Aires


Summer is upon us,  the tourist season is at its peak and many locals and visitors are ready for a day or two away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Buenos Aires. There are only 32 km. between the Tigre Delta and the Obelisc in downtown Buenos Aires. Tigre, located in the […]

December 8, 1980: The Day the Music Died [Remembering John Lennon]

John Lennon: Give Peace a Chance

For my parents’ generation, the 3rd of February of 1959 was in the words of Don McLean: “The Day the Music Died” (from his song “American Pie” dedicated to the memory of Buddy Holly). Nearly 22 years later on the 8th of December of 1980, the music died for both their generation and my own […]

Explore Buenos Aires through creative eyes


It’s safe to say that Buenos Aires is now well and truly on the map of international tourist destinations. The city has seen an interesting tourism evolution over the past few years, from the early arrival of the hesitant backpackers testing the waters in the days following the economic crisis, to the bargain seekers of […]

Buenos Aires Fruit & Vegetable Shopping Fiesta: The Truth About Prices


I notice people complaining all the time about the prices in Buenos Aires.  Certainly inflation is completely out of hand here with conservative estimates placing it over 24% annually.  That being said, I decided today to go on a fruit and vegetable shopping spree, noting the prices of everything, and then came home and logged […]

Experiential Workshop in Cross-Cultural Communication with Natalia Sarro of Nomadas Globales – Friday 2nd Dec, 5pm.


7 billion inhabitants… how many of them are you able to communicate with? Experiential Workshop in Cross-Cultural Communication – Friday 2nd December, 5pm. Did you just arrive in Buenos Aires? Are you working in a multicultural environment or doing business internationally? Sign up for the Experiential Workshop in Cross-Cultural Communication taking place next Friday 2nd […]

Buenos Aires Photographer Beatrice Murch Presents Tipas Porteñas


In Tipas Porteñas, photographer Beatrice Murch presents a side of Buenos  Aires as iconic as Eva Peron or Jorge Luis Borges. They are canopies,  they cut organic figures in the urban landscape, they are at times  figurative, at times bare and leafless, at times exuberant dashes of  color, but they are ever present: the rosewood […]

Argentina Volunteer: Connecting volunteers with organizations

Argentina Volunteer

We’ve all seen it: the homeless mother begging outside the supermarket with her children, the kids selling candy or giving paper handouts in exchange for a few coins on the Subte, and the cartoneros who bring their youngsters in tow to sift through your trash for a living. The poverty that plagues Argentina is all […]

The Kavanagh Building (Edificio Kavanagh) of Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Kavanagh Building (Edificio Kavanagh) Buenos Aires Argentina

The Kavanagh Building (Edificio Kavanagh) is located at 1065 Florida St. in the barrio of Retiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rising 33 stories at the heart of the city on Plaza San Martin the magnificent Kavanagh Apartment is considered the apex of early Modernism in Argentina. Architects Gregorio Sánchez, Ernesto Lagos and Luis María de la […]

Punta del Este Uruguay Guide by Good Morning Buenos Aires News & Headlines

Punte del Este Uruguay Guide

Summertime is around the corner and many people from Buenos Aires will be heading to the spectacular beaches of Punte del Este. So we thought we would present you this article on the area. Introduction Punta Del Este, often referred to as “The St. Tropez of Uruguay” is a trendy and very upscale resort village […]

Buenos Aires News Guides & Travel Information: Buenos Aires Province Coastal Vacations


Introduction Buenos Aires Province  is Argentina’s largest and most populous province, or state,  and takes its name from the city of Buenos Aires (which means “good airs”).   Buenos Aires is an idyllic destination for visitors offering something for everyone, particularly along its Atlantic coast. Buenos Aires’ coastline begins after the Samborombon Bay some 150 miles […]

Buenos Aires News: Spring Gets Buenos Aires Back In Its Groove Again


Our good friend Andrew Rae McCance, of Buenos Aires Stay Luxury Apartments and BA Stay Apartment Rentals, was kind enough to offer this article on spring as it kicks in this Sunday, September 18th.  However, Spring Day itself is not celebrated until Wednesday, September 21st for some reason.  For me, spring is an amazing time of […]

Buenos Aires City Guide By Barrio: Colegiales Guide

Buenos Aires Barrio Guides

Introduction  Colegiales is located in the north-central part of Buenos Aires and is next to Palermo and Belgrano.  It lies between Av. Cabildo and Av. Alvarez Thomas on the north and south and Av. De Los Incas and Av. Dorrego on the east and west. Colegiales is well-known as it is the setting place for […]

Buenos Aires City Guide By Barrio: Chacarita Guide

Buenos Aires Barrio Guides

Introduction Chacarita is located in the north-central part of Buenos Aires and is next to Villa and Colegiales with one corner bordering Palermo.  It lies between Av. Elcano and Av. San Dorrego and straddles  Av. Corrientes.  Chacarita is a quiet neighborhood (barrio) best known for its 175 acres (70 hectare) Chacarita Cemetery, also known as […]

New IRS Filing Deadlines Extended for Overseas Americans‏


As National Chairman of Democrats Abroad Argentina, I am reaching out to you today in an effort to alert our global membership about IRS regulations that directly affect the American community residing outside of the United States. While Democrats Abroad Argentina is not offering you legal advice on filing the forms described below, we do […]

Buenos Aires City Guide by Barrio: Caballito Guide

Buenos Aires Barrio Guides

Caballito is located in the exact geographical center of Buenos Aires and is next to Villa Crespo, just past Almagro. It lies between Av. San Martin and Av. San Juan and straddles Av. Rivadavia Caballito is one of the most traditional barrios (neighborhoods) of Buenos Aires city enjoying a rich history and beautiful architecture. It […]

Buenos Aires City Guide by Barrio: Boedo

Buenos Aires Barrio Guides

Introduction Boedo is located west of Buenos Aires´ business district (Microcentro) just past Balvanera (which is more typically known by its three districts Abasto, Congreso and Once) and next to Almagro.  It lies between Av. Independencia and Av. Caseros and straddles  Autopisto 25 de Mayo.. Boedo is one of those Buenos Aires neighborhoods often overlooked […]

IMPORTANT: Rules change that may affect you and your non-American family member’s ability to return to the USA

Immigration change affecting US Citizens married to foreign nationals.

Dear Good Morning Buenos Aires  Members: We wanted to let you know about a Rules change that may affect you and your non-American family member’s ability to return to the United States. Effective August 15, 2011, most Americans will no longer be able to use the US Consular Sections in your country of residence for […]

Buenos Aires City Guide by Barrio: Villa Crespo Guide

Buenos Aires Barrio Guides

Introduction Villa Crespo is located in the north-central part of Buenos Aires and is in-between Palermo and Caballito.  It lies between Av. Cordoba  and Av. San Martin  and straddles  Av. Corrientes and borders on Parque del Centenario. An up-and-coming barrio, Villa Crespo is often referred to now as Palermo Queens, due in part to its […]

The Challenge to the Election of Officers for Democrats Abroad Argentina is Formally Dismissed with Prejudice by the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA

Samuel Wynn Warde National Chairman Democrats Abroad Argentina

As many of you are already aware, a challenge to the election of officers for Democrats Abroad Argentina was filed by Michael “Yanqui Mike” Skowronek, Alicia Blumencweig, et al. We are pleased to announce that the complaint was dismissed with prejudice after an electronic vote was held before the full Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA). […]

Looking for a job in Buenos Aires? Here are a few of the ins and outs about job hunting and work in Buenos Aires

Seeking Employment in Buenos Aires

[We get tons of emails from people looking for jobs in Buenos Aires and the forums are filled with similar inquiries.  So, we thought we could give you a few of our thoughts on the matter.] Acquiring a job here in Buenos Aires can be quite challenging, regardless of profession or experience. For example, unemployment […]

Buenos Aires City Guide by Barrio: Almagro Guide

Buenos Aires Barrio Guides

Almagro is located west of Buenos Aires´ business district (Microcentro) just past Balvanera (which is more typically known by its three districts Abasto, Congreso and Once).  It lies between Av. Independencia and Av. Cordoba and straddles  Av. Rivadavia. Almagro has always been a special district as so many different aspects of life in Buenos Aires […]

InterNations Cocktail Party this Thursday

Buenos Aires Cocktail Party Events

Event Date Start date: Jun 16, 2011 20:00 End date: Jun 17, 2011 01:00 Event Location Wasabi’s Sushi & Lounge (Palermo Viejo) Thames 1810 Dear InterNations Buenos Aires, We are very pleased to announce our June InterNations Get-Together in Buenos Aires: a Cocktail Party on Thursday, June 16th from 8pm on. This will be a […]

Buenos Aires Overview for Newcomers


Expats moving to Buenos Aires will find it to be one of the most developed cities in Latin America.  Known as the “Paris of the South”, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s largest metropolitan area with nearly 14 million residents. The birthplace of sultry and sensual Tango and Latin America’s Polo capital, the city is a non-stop […]

Buenos Aires Province Guide Introduction History Attractions Links & more…

Buenos Aires Province Attractions, Guide, History

Introduction The province (state) of Buenos Aires is located in the immensity of the Pampas Plains only interrupted by the Tandilia and Ventania mountain ranges.  It is the largest and most populous province of Argentina and takes its name (meaning “good winds”) from the City of Buenos Aires although the city is autonomous and not […]

Buenos Aires Restaurant Guide: A Few Favorites


Our good friend Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog has graciously offered to give us some insight into the restaurant scene in Buenos Aires with the following article.  Don’t forget to check out his great Argentina Wine Guide. There are many fantastic restaurants in Buenos Aires, but choosing Buenos […]

Tax Time: Useful information for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Living Abroad

Useful Tax Information for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Living Abroad

Well, it’s tax time and for many persons living abroad that means lots of questions begin popping up.  Fortunately there are a lot of great resources online for assisting you.  For instance every year the IRS publishes a book (publication 54) entitled Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad for use in preparing […]

Job Available to US/UK Citizen Living in Buenos Aires: Spanish School receptionist / Student Coordinator


A young, small, innovative & fast-growing educational organization is looking for a very responsible, outgoing, and personable team member to join us! Our clients are predominantly college-age international students who come to Buenos Aires to study, intern or volunteer. We have partnerships with the most well respected universities in Argentina and host more than 100 […]

THE DIRTY WAR part 2: Kissinger Memorandum


 A 13 page Memorandum of Conversation declassified on July 1, 2004, shows that in 1976 U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger played a key role in assuring Argentina’s military rulers that their antiterrorist campaign involving the disappearance, torture and assassination of at least 15,000 people — many of whom were not combatants — would not […]

Dragon Fruit Adventure at Barrio Chino!


Located in Belgrano and beginning alongside the train tracks at Juramento and Arribenos, Buenos Aires’ Barrio Chino (Chinatown) is tiny compared to those of San Francisco, London or Sydney.  However, in spite of its size its impact on the culture of Buenos Aires is significant with its 100+ Asian-owned shops which receive over 15,000 visitors […]

The Best of Buenos Aires: Sugar & Spice Cookies, Teas and more…

Sugar and Spice Cookies Buenos Aires

Sugar & Spice has been a well known institution in Buenos Aires for several years now.  Legend has it that when Frank Almeida, Sugar & Spice SRL partner and founder, could not find the cookies he loved from Chicago he enlisted the help of his wife, Fabiana, and Sugar & Spice was born out of that […]

Finding Work in Buenos Aires


Acquiring a job here in Buenos Aires can be quite challenging, regardless of profession or experience. For example, unemployment in Europe is typically ranked at around 7% this year, but in Argentina the latest figures I could find rank it close to 9%. However, I think that figure is a bit misleading. For instance the […]

Avantgarb{age}, The Art in Wearing Trash: images by photographer Caitlin Margaret Kelly opening April 6th at ICANA Belgrano


Avantgarb{age}, The Art in Wearing Trash is the collision of photography, garbage and design where discarded items are repurposed as wearable art and transformed into highly stylized photographs. Several images from this series by photographer Caitlin Margaret Kelly will be on display at ICANA Belgrano during the month of April. In these photographs, Kelly takes designs […]

Jimmy Danko: Harmony & Dissonance


Recently I had the distinct pleasure of attending an art viewing at the lovely home and studio of  Jimmy Danko, Artist Extraordinaire.   Normally I would take the time to try to impress with a few words of wisdom, but instead I want to open with Jimmy’s own words and then let his art and home […]

Argentina wines – the best Red Wines!


Here at Good Morning BA, we experience a consistent flow of interest and inquiries regarding Argentina wines, Malbec wine in specific, Buenos Aires wine tastings and Argentina wine tours. Fortunately, drinking fine wines is one of my favorite things to do, and along with our good friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours […]

The Best Pizza in Town

The Best Buenos Aire Pizza

Buenos Aires is full of pizzeries and restaurants serving pizza.  Pizza is a booming business in Buenos and a favorite for Portenos, tourists and the international community.  Since a large percentage of Portenos have recent Italian heritage and there are hundreds of Italian style restaurants in Buenos Aires, it is hardly surprising the Buenos Aires […]

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Buenos Aires along with a Schedule of Activities

chinese new year buenos aires

This Sunday, February 6th, Buenos Aires Barrio Chino (“China Town”) will celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, year 4709 of the Chinese calendar. For those of you interested in attending, Barrio Chino is located in Belgrano on Arribenos, roughly between Juramento and Av. Monroe.  To get there you can take the train (Linea Mitre) to the […]

Buenos Aires Farmers Market Directory: By Neighborhood

Farmer's Markets

Farmers Markets Here is a fairly comprehensive list I obtained from a local friend recently.  (Thanks Victoria!)  I cannot vouch for all of these being open still, but maybe it is a good place for you to begin with finding a market close to you. The first one here is a huge one, worthy of […]

A Little Bit About Buenos Aires for Expats

Buenos Aires News Headlines Events Information

Expats moving to Buenos Aires will find it to be one of the most developed cities in Latin America.  Known as the “Paris of the South”, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s largest metropolitan area with nearly 14 million residents. The birthplace of sultry and sensual Tango and Latin America’s Polo capital, the city is a non-stop […]

Argentina Wines Guide – Are Argentine Whites Wines Any Good?!


Today, with the help of our friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog, we update our Argentina Wines articles with our top Argentine white wines, Vinos Blancos.  In our last guide, we reviewed Argentine red wines and our next guide will tackle Dulcies (desert wines) and Roses. Argentine white wines […]

Argentina Wines: The Best Argentina Champagnes (Vino Espumantes)


Today we bring you our latest article on the  very best of Argentine wines.  This article talks about a favorite of many, Argentina’s Top Ten Sparkling, or Espumante, wines.  As usual we have the assistance of our good friend and fellow lover of the very best of Argentine wines, Andrew McCance of Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog and Buenos Aires Stay. […]

Argentina Wines – Vinos Rosados y Dulces (Rose wines and Desert Wines)

Argentina Dessert Wines

Today, with the help of our friend, Andrew of Buenos Aires Stay and Buenos Aires Tours & Sightseeing Blog, we update our Argentina Wines articles with our top Vinos Rosados y Dulces (Rose wines and Dessert Wines).  In our last guide, we reviewed Argentina White Wines, Vinos Blancos and in our next guide we will tackle […]

Where to buy Organic Products in Buenos Aires

Where to buy Organic products

ORGANIC FARMER MARKETS Chacarita Market Wed. 9am to 1pm Sat. 9am to 6pm Federico Lacroze 4171 San Fernando Organic Market Sat. 10am to 6pm San Fernando Station – between Sarmiento and 9 de Julio Outside Cap. Fed. in San Fernando (Still in the metro area)   HOME DELIVERY Alimentaria Rosco S.A. Alimentos ecológicos 011- […]

14 Steps to Big Savings in the Grocery Store!


The recession is in full swing and those of us in Buenos Aires are painfully aware of what runaway inflation feels like.  With that in mind, I thought I would offer to share a few methods I have found really helpful in saving me money.  I don’t know about you, but groceries have become my […]

THE DIRTY WAR part 1: The USA, Operation Condor & Argentina’s Dirty War

Kissinger y Guzzetti

Background After the death of President Juan Peron in 1974 Isabel Peron, his wife and vice president assumed power as president of Argentina.  However, she proved to be weak politically and on 24 March 1976 she was overthrown by a military coup d’état which resulted in a seven year campaign of state sponsored violence against […]

Help us Sponsor a Family this Holiday Season (accepting donations until January 8)


As many or you know, last year I sponsored some needy children in Ciudad Oculta, a shanty town outside the city of Buenos Aires. La Ciudad Oculta, the hidden city, is also known as Villa 15. A labyrinth of makeshift homes, flooded alleyways and uneven ground, Ciudad Oculta is one of the poorest and most […]

YOUR place for living, laughing and loving in Buenos Aires.


Welcome to Good Morning Buenos Aires.  We have Buenos Aires guides, a comprehensive Buenos Aires services directory, Buenos Aires News, Buenos Aires restaurant guides, a Buenos Aires Events Calendar, Buenos Aires Articles & more!   Good Morning Buenos Aires (GMBA) first went online on November 5th of 2007.  Since that time it has undergone a few […]

An Amazing Video: Interrogating a Torturer – A film by Rodrigo Vasquez


This is an incredible video published 30 September 2009 by Al Jezeera English as part of their People & Power series.  The film follows a dramatic face to face meeting between a former interrogator and a torture victim.

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