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Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires: Define your Objectives First

Online Spanish Lessons Guides Buenos Aires Castellano

Are you visiting Argentina as a tourist or living here as an expat and want to learn Spanish? The very first thing you should do is really define why you want to do so. By understanding your objectives first, you will be in the position to choose the appropriate course of study and avoid pitfalls. […]

10 ways to understand the Subjunctive in Spanish

Gisela Giunti Spanish Classes

All too often people learning Spanish make the use of the subjunctive more difficult than is necessary.  First of all, you must remember that the subjunctive is not a tense, rather it is a mood.  Tense refers to when an action takes place (i.e. past, present, future) while a mood reflects how the speaker feels […]

Good Morning Buenos Aires News & Headlines Presents: Learning Spanish In Argentina

Buenos Aires News Presents an article by Expanish

Argentine Spanish Thousands of foreigners a year land at Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza airport without being able to speak a word, most aim to get by with a few words and a phrase book to hand. Some however arrive with the aim of putting in that little bit more effort, trying to speak like a local […]

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