Good Morning Buenos Aires

English Speaking Church Services

International Bible Church

The International Bible Church (IBC) is a non-denominational Bible believing church for the English speaking community in the Buenos Aires area. Sunday services begin at 11am. IBC also has Sunday School, weekly youth activities and a Spanish Sunday service at 6:00pm.

Please call Reverend Bryon Butler at (11-54) 4793-0392 for more information.



United Community Church

The United Community Church is an international, multi-denominational, multi-cultural, independent congregation of people united in faith and service to Jesus Christ. Our membership spans the socio-economic spectrum and is comprised of approximately one-third permanent residents and two-thirds persons who have expatriated to Argentina from all corners of the earth.


Catholic Mass in English

Mass in English on Sunday – 10 A.M.

Madre Admirable Catholic Church

Arroyo 931 – downtown BA – 4393-3887

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