Good Morning Buenos Aires

Telephones & Useful Numbers

Useful Numbers

Ambulance: 107
Directory Assistance: 110
Fire: 100
International Operator: 000
National Operator: 19
Police: 101/111
Tourist Police: 4346-5748
Tourist Police Toll Free: 0-800-999-5000
Talking Clock: 113


Airport info: 5480-6111
Retiro Bus Station info: 800 42 45 00
Subte (subway) info: 050 50 07 07

Using Telephones
To call Buenos from overseas dial your country’s international dialling code followed by 54 (Argentina) and then 11 (the city code) plus the eight digit number.

Cell phones in Argentina begin with a 15. To call a cell phone from overseas you must dial 54 9 11 and then the last eight digits of the phone number (that means you omit the 15).

To call Buenos Aires from elsewhere in Argentina you must dial 011 first.

To call overseas from Buenos Aires you must first dial 00 and then the code for the country you are calling and then the number.

International Calling

Here is an excellent website that gives you all the information you need to call internationally. You merely input the country you calling from and the country you are calling and it will guide you through dialing to any city in that country.

Click for International Calling Guide

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