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The newest book service in Buenos Aires brings you literature from South America and home in English, French, German Spanish and more.

Antiques, rare editions, guide books and educational material also available.

Accesible prices, exchanges, buy-back service.

Books sourced and delivered.

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Bakerlibros Spanish and English books

We have New books, used, rare, out of print, literature, psychology, comics, design, art, architecture, cinema, photograph, special translations. special editions and Web design.

Libros nuevos,usados, raros, fuera de catálogo, literatura, psicología, comics,diseño,arte,arquitectura,cine,fotografía. Búsquedas especiales. Diseño y Edición de libros Web design.

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Ten to Seven by Marc Thomas

Book Description

The phone rings. He knows who it is. He has to take the call. He thinks of his wife, the villa, and his life in Spain. He thinks of his dogs, the Finca in the olive grove, his wooden boat; how they struggled to get there, the sleepless nights and the worry of whether he would ever see England again. The phone keeps ringing, the wind is howling and as he peers through the window watching the clouds racing past the pale moon, he knows that when he picks up the phone, his life will never be the same again.

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