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Tango CherieTango Milonguero with Ruben y Cherie

Tango Milonguero with Ruben y Cherie, finalists in the Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango 2006! Cherie is an expat from California and Ruben is a milonguero porteno. They teach and coach tango in their studio in Boedo, with emphasis on music, improvisation, connection, embrace, and elegance. Milonga traspie is a specialty. They also do milonga accompaniment and Tango Tours.

English: 4932-5027; Castellano: 15-5799-2038


Buenos Aires Milongas – Guide to Tango Dancehalls in Buenos Aires

This website includes a list of all Milongas (places where one goes to dance Tango) in Buenos Aires. It is maintained by Shahrukh Merchant, a Tango aficionado who now lives in Buenos Aires.

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