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Alternative Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments
Cupping, moxibustion, massage, auriculotherapy. Manual lymphatic drainage. The aim of these therapies is to give a balanced full body treatment based on the Yin-Yang theory. Treatment for muscle pain, headache, insomnia, stress related symptoms. Weight loss, smoke withdrawal. Overall detox. Digestive problems. Jet lag. At your hotel room or apartment. Reasonable fee. Please write in advance to get an appointment.


Patricia Gilmore, C.M.Ht.

I specialize in Chronic Pain, Hormonal Imbalances and Toxicology. I use a combination of therapies to best suit my clients needs. I am board certified in each. Please refer to my website for more information.

My greatest success is in removing communication blocks within the body. As long as there is proper flow of communication everything works fine. Normally the body does an incredible job of maintaining balance and self-repair. However, the body’s regulatory mechanisms can be thrown off or damaged by injury, toxic chemicals, drugs, microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, artificial hormones (like hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills), prolonged pain or stress and even poor eating habits. All these things can leave the body confused. The organs, brain and glands are talking but nobody seems to be listening.

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Yoga with Ivy

Ivy has been a practicing yogini since 1994 in the vinyasa, astanga and anusara methods. She received two certifications to teach yoga from the Laughing Lotus Yoga College in New York City and Centered Yoga in Ko Samui,Thailand and is registered with Yoga Alliance in the US. She has been teaching for six years in New York City and has guest taught in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Costa Rica. She has studied intensively in India and the United States with highly regarded asana and pranayama masters. Ivy is also a professional singer with a background in classical and popular music. She has released an album in Japan as well as one in the US. Ivy believes that yoga, like music raises our spirits by peeling off layers of physical and mental stress to reveal the core of pure energy and joy, which is our true nature and birthright. Ivy teaches a strong athletic practice with philosophy, playfulness, meditation, groovy tunes and a strong emphasis on the breath. Ivy is honored to teach, nurture and inspire others to transform and heal through the powerful dynamic lineage of yoga! Private and group classes available as well as pre-natal.

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