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Conviven is a community center located in the slums of Buenos Aires in an area known as Matederos. With a total of about 16, 000 people, this place reflects the faces of a forgotten people being forced to deal with levels of extreme poverty in an area with inescapable danger.

Here at Conviven we offer a wide range of services and activities at both the community center and the neighboring villa, “ Ciudad Oculta”, for both children and adults free of charge. Some of the activities offered are English for all levels and ages, Art, Theatre, Dance, Martial Arts, Homework Club, Computer classes and most importantly, support. Mataderos is an area inhabited by people whom have very little options when it come to educating themselves. Our goal is to offer a safe environment for people of all ages to go and receive respect, equal treatment and dignity, giving them the chance to participate in activities that will give them hope for the future.

We at Conviven are asking for donations or services to help ensure the future of the community center and the lives of the people in Mataderos. As of now, there are many things that are desperate need of funding and unless we find a way to meet the needs of these things, it is hard to say where it will end up.

Some examples include the installation of a central heating system, the remodeling of the kitchen and bathrooms, electrical work and new teaching equipment. All of which we would like to complete in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way as possible, as it will not only help to ensure the future of the center, but spread awareness.

Currently we have begun fund raising for solar panels that we hope to install on the roof of the center as it gets very cold in the winter with conditions that become invasive and difficult to work around. The projects which will follow after are also extremely imperative, as the conditions of the kitchen are terrible, the electrical wiring in the building is not energy efficient and poorly wired and teaching equipment is always a necessity.

If you are looking for a project to be moved by, Conviven is an excellent place as the people are incredible and the experience will be unlike any other.


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