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Want to learn Spanish? Meet new people? At Spanglish you cn do both!

Spanglish is a unique concept in language exchange in Buenos Aires.  The idea is you grab a beverage of choice (it’s included), find your first table and sit with a native English or Spanish speaker.  You then spend 5 minutes in English, 5 minutes in Spanish, and then you switch to the next table!  All the while you receive the benefit of learning local lingo from native speakers and share tips and insights into making the most of your visit or life in Buenos Aires. 

Spanglish is a great way to practice up on your English or Spanish while at the same time having the opportunity to meet new people.

30 pesos per visit or you can purchase an Unlimited Card for only $38 USD a month (about 150 pesos)

prices updated May 13, 2011

Have questions? Email Spanglish at:


The English Group / Grupo de Ingles
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Meet Friendly Porteños

We are a group of people who practice English every Friday at a coffee shop in Buenos Aires. It’s an easy going and informal meeting, free, just for fun. We have been meeting every Friday for over 6 years to practice our English. All are at a level that enables us to speak English fluently, which is a requirement to participate. We like to chat about ordinary things but traveling is our favorite subject. Every Friday, foreign travelers who are on holidays in Buenos Aires and are interested in meeting “porteños” visit us. This kind of exchange and sharing of cultures and points of view means learning and developing for all of us. Tourists, backpackers, expats are all welcomed. If you are in Buenos Aires learning or practicing your Spanish, you can join us for dinner afterwards. At dinnertime we are free to use any language we choose.

If you are interested in participating email us for further details at:
grupo_de_ingles@hotmail. com



What is a talktime® ?

A talktime is a public debate over thought-provoking topics with the objective of learning how to speak effectively in a foreign language within a mutually supportive interchange. Recognizing that many people can be nervous when speaking to a group (particularly in this computer age when much communication is via e-mail), our main objective is the interactive practice of languages outside the classroom and the exercise of linguistic gymnastics via coaching the expression of ideas.

Talktimes take place in neighborhood cafés, are normally scheduled for one hour and are free of charge. While most are held in English, other foreign languages are spoken at many talktimes. We create a supportive atmosphere to eliminate most anxieties and facilitate early – and eager – participation, particularly relevant to newcomers. When a talktime begins, talktimers introduce various topics for debate, taken from the on-line list or proposed on-site. Topics often cover inter-cultural themes. Suggested themes are voted upon by the group; the moderator then introduces the topic and orchestrates the ensuing debate. Questions or stories about one’s private life and self-serving presentations are prohibited.

Participating in this polyglot intercultural medium will enrich your life — personally and professionally — by renewing your confidence, improving your communication skills, introducing you to new ideas, and entering an inter-cultural world of shared thoughts and experiences.

We are not foreign-sounding. We act locally, with our feet and heart here in Argentina, but we think globally with our eyes on the world. TalkTime rules during a talktime contribute to the positive, supportive and nurturing environment, respect fellow talktimers and maintain high ethical standards.

For more information visit:
Contact no.: 15-3215-1555
Contact email:

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