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Canosa Business Lawyers

Canosa Business Lawyers is a young law firm organized by lawyers who have consistently succeeded for more than ten years in every area of business law in Argentina.

We provide advice to both local and international companies in connection with the development of their activities in Argentina. Our lawyers provide advice that is timely efficient, practical and usable. We are well known for our credibility, reliability and flexibility that allow our clients to make decisions fast and efficiently.

Hence, we have provided advice in many complex corporate transactions, such as mergers, spin-offs, transfer of going concerns. In addition, we have participated in intricate banking and financial transactions, such as financial debt restructurings, indebtedness and stock issuance and we also carry out the relevant follow up of public companies.

Our advice in connection with foreign investment has been recognized many times for being expeditious in connection with the resolution of the relevant issues that come about in the development of the activities relevant to the foreign transactions.

Our international trade department knows all the details of the antidumping and anti-subsidies filings and is accustomed with the rules and regulations of the World Trade Organization on international trade law.

We provide advice on a daily basis to foreign clients in all kinas of complex real estate transactions, such as the purchase of real estate and all the related matters in connection the regulations of the Argentine Central Bank and the notarial and corporate activities in connection with companies organized in foreign countries.

In addition, we have ample experience in intellectual property matters and we make all the filings before the relevant registration authorities of Argentina and Latin America in general.

Av. Corrientes 1257 7th Floor
C1043AAM – Buenos Aires- Argentina

Tel: 54 11 5252 2462
Fax: 54 11 5252 2463

Somos un grupo de abogados jóvenes destacados en distintas ramas del derecho en la Argentina. Nos caracterizamos por proveer a nuestros clientes con un asesoramiento que es efectivo en cuanto al tiempo empleado y práctico. Esperamos que se pueda unir a nosotros pronto en Canosa Abogados de Negocios.

Dansky Ullmann & Associates

Dansky Ullmann & Associates, is a law firm comprised by attorneys at law with extensive experience in different areas that enables them to provide integral legal services to both local and international customers.Effort and professionalism are the basis of our work; always accompanied by personalized treatment, confidentiality and continuous communication with our customer.

Globalization in real property market has arrived in Argentina, and is going to stay. It has been impelled by liquidity and, especially, by sub-valuated prices of real property, as compared to international markets; thus becoming an excellent business opportunity.

Although purchase or sale of real property seems to be an easy transaction, it is not advisable to do it without hiring the services of professionals with experience and knowledge in the matter. This is most important if the property is located in a country different than the usual place of residence.

It is extremely important to make sure that each stage of the process is correctly executed because once the Sale Agreement is signed; you are bound to the provisions set forth therein. Protect your investment by hiring a lawyer to represent you during the transaction and to assist you during the acquisition process.

Our firm, specializes in investment in real property in Argentina, and provides professional services consisting of representation during negotiations with the other party. You may need to sign contracts in order to complete legal guarantees; we prepare and/or analyze all such private contracts to make sure that they are profitable and protect you. In addition, we shall contact you with the best real property agents in our market and we shall help you find the right property, according to your interest.

Sarmiento 846 6th floor, Office C
Phone: (54) 11-4326-5682
Fax: (54) 11-4325-1930
Cel: (54) 15-4169-2335

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