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Samuel Warde and Jimmy WalesJimmy Wales
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When I recently spent some time in Buenos Aires, I was concerned about being lost and alone in a city where I didn’t speak the language at all. The Good Morning BA community gave me tips and information that proved invaluable in having a successful 4 week visit. Don’t go anywhere else; this is where you need to be.

Expat ConnectionMartin Frankel: Expat Connection

GMBA is a trusted points of reference for visitors to Buenos Aires and expats living here alike. Samuel is always available to give advice and help out in any way he can and thats why he’s the guy to know in BA!

Buenos Aires StyleGina-Marie Gattone: Buenos Aires Style

If you don’t know that many people or think that it’s hard to meet professionals with similar interests, I understand you completely. Samuel Warde of Good Morning Buenos Aires has been living here for the past few years, dedicating all of his spare time to networking people. He’s a friend of mine, and one of the coolest, most interesting guys you’ll meet here in BA. (Yeah, he’s a total superstar).

Tango SpamDeby Novitz: TangoSpam; La Vida Con Deby

I love Good Morning Buenos Aires. It is the one site in that I can go to that probably has everything. It is like 25 different sites all rolled into one. GMBA, is for all of us who live in BA.

BA StayAndrew Rae McCance: Buenos Aires Stay –
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We are both users and advertisers at Good Morning Buenos Aires. Our attraction to GMBA is its informational value, but more often our browsing is inspired by the sometimes cringe worthy and more often poignant views of the resident raconteur, with the cat on his head, much love to you Sam –

BA GatosStan Christensen: BA Gatos – Servicio de Cuidado de Gatos

Good Morning Buenos Aires ! I live in Buenos Aires and always reference this site for up to date information when looking for events coming to town, news headlines or information on new shops and things happening. It is a great resource because it is easier than trying to sift through the limitless number of newspapers and magazines in this town to find the interesting “tidbits” of information about what is going on in town. Keep up the good work, it is an interesting site!

Ivy Markaity Yoga in Buenos AiresIvy Markaity / Yoga Instructor

Good Morning Buenos Aires is a really informative and fun website for both people residing in Buenos Aires and those visiting. Samuel has a finger on the pulse of BsAs. I am honored to be a part of his Buenos Aires community and have benefited from exposure on his site.

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